On The Wire

‘On The Wire’ was our first full-length album and featured the single ‘Home’, released on Fierce Panda’s Fandango label in February 2010. Amongst the many positive reviews was Uncut magazine, who described the band as “refreshing new arrivals”. The result of many happy hours spent at ‘the cottage’ (a converted croft on the shores of Loch Fyne) it seemed only fitting to have the John Kingsley painting ‘Fading Light, Loch Fyne’ as the album cover.

1 All That We Need
2 Open Road
3 Fleeting Moments
4 Colours Of The Day
5 Follow Me
6 Where All Paths Lead
7 Home
8 One Step Behind
9 Pride Of Place
10 Believing Man
11 Morning Song

Released 18 January 2010 on Slow Train Records

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