Waiting For The Season

Waiting for the Season was the result of a few days spent up at the cottage on Loch Fyne, feverishly trying to knock an album out in the time it usually takes us to decide on a guitar sound. This was followed by a few months of homemade mixing, debating, remixing, arguing, making up and pulling in a few favours from some talented musician friends of ours. Though we’ve never been shy of a reverb dial or an overdub, this time, we wanted to capture as many instruments live and in the same room as we could. Thank you to our friend Ross Matthews who took the photos and put the wonderful artwork together.

1 Waiting For The Season
2 In The Morning
3 I Hear You
4 Don’t Let Me Lose Your Hand
5 Apart (Don’t Dream Me Bad)
6 Sky is Opening
7 Lady of the Wood
8 Blizzard
9 Now
10 Sleeping Soldier

Released 11 February 2013 on Ardentjohn Records

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